Living with Misophonia

Misophonia is defined as the hatred of sound.  It brings out a deep hate and burning anger for certain trigger sounds.  For many people dealing with Misophonia, the worst sound is those that come from the mouth.  

My entire life I have had problems with people eating around me.  Even when I was younger I noticed that for me it wasn’t just an ‘annoyance’ or that someone was being gross, but more so I felt actual anger from it.  

I don’t enjoy having this problem and it really is that, a problem.  I would like to be able to enjoy my time with others in social eating settings and not feel uncomfortable or anxious.  

When I was in 1st grade,  my school councler made me a placemat to look at during lunch time so that it would distract me from all of the boys in my class who ate so gross.  Now that all makes sense why I needed that.  

Now I’m still trying to figure out how to cope with it and enjoy my time instead of internally screaming and wanting to leave the room.  Something that helps me is if I have people over to eat or have control of the room, I’ll have music playing or some white noise so it isn’t super quiet. Also, I love talking. So instead of sitting in silence listening to each other’s saliva break down food,  I just talk through meals to avoid hearing any of it happen. 

Many others with Misophonia are affected by a lot more than just food and the sound of someone eating.  It can be a pen clicking,  wrappers crunching or typing on a computer.  For me, the sound of very loud obnoxious things aren’t fun.  For example, I have yet to see Planet of the Apes because the sound of screaming monkies sounds so unappealing to me I don’t care how good the movie is.  

Do you have Misophonia?  When did yo realize you had it vs just being annoyed by rude eaters? Also,  if you do have it how do you handle social situations? 


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