Dallas Days

Recently my family and I took a quick trip down to Texas to surprise my brother over Thanksgiving!  Yes I know, I went back to Texas.  He had only known that my parents were going and wasn’t expecting the rest of the fam, so we surprised him at a restaurant and he definitely was shocked (but happy.)

We had some time to just do whatever we wanted while my brother attended his classes and such, so we took a small day trip to Dallas.

My sister and brother-in-law had never been to the Book Depository Museum so we stopped to drop them off there and also took a moment to be at the Grassy Knoll.  You can’t help but have a heavy heart while standing there thinking back to what it might have been like to be there 52 years ago.  I just wanted to take a moment to share with you something that happened while we were there.  We saw this young adult girl, run into the road to stand on the ‘X’ in the road where one of the infamous shots happened, stuck her butt out and took a smiling photo that was done by (I’m assuming) her mom.  I was just very shocked by the lack of empathy for what she was doing.  To each their own I suppose.

On a lighter note, it was a great day to walk around and explore places we have never been to in Dallas!  On a coffee hunt, we walked to Ellen’s Southern Kitchen and they have a walk up coffee bar.  The woman who made my mom and I coffee was super chill and nice and made the best Iced White Ch. Mocha.  We sat out on the balcony and rested our feet (I wore heeled-boots for some reason.)  We didn’t stay to have any food, but the interior of the place was very nice and all of the staff we came in contact with were super friendly!  I would definitely go back to try it out!

Ellen's Southern Kitchen - White Ch Mocha.
Ellen’s Southern Kitchen – White Ch Mocha.

After we got our coffee fill, we were walking around and checked out the Old Red Museum.  We didn’t actually go through the museum, but we admired the architecture and also chatted to a nice guy at the info center who told us some Dallas history!

On our way back to Denton, TX we stopped at the Gas Monkey Bar and Grill because my sister and brother-in-law watched the TV show.  I had the brisket salad and it was amazing.

While we were in Denton checking out The Square, there is this ‘new’ clothing shop called The Palm Tree boutique.  We just happened to stop in there and my mom, sister and I all bought something.  I got a pair of ‘boyfriend’ jeans and they fit so well I want more!  They have super cute (a little southern style) on trend pieces, and you can order online.

In The Palm Tree Boutique Dressing Room. I don’t actually have any of their clothes on, I just really liked the flamingo curtain!


Do you live or have you been to Dallas, Texas?  What are some of your favorite places to stop by when you are in the city?  Email me or comment below!!


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