Tuesdays Top Picks

The weather here in Wisconsin has been unusually warm.  I am having mixed feelings about the warmth.  I do enjoy that I don’t have to uncover my car from 6″ of snow, or the wind chill isn’t so cold its freezing the peach fuzz off my face.  But on the other hand it doesn’t really feel like Christmas time, and also everyone low key knows in the back of their minds that this is global warming and we should be worried.

So here are some of the things I am loving this week!

Marvels Jessica Jones

This is a Netflix series and I may or may not have watched it all in roughly 4 days.  That is like sad on all levels because if you are a professional Netflix binger, four days is an unimpressive.  But if you don’t binge watch anything, four days is just sad. Anyways, Jessie Jones is so good.  I mean so freakin good.  I am surprised I haven’t started it all over again.  Kristyn Ritter plays Ms.Jones and does a phenomenal job.  Jessica is strong, messed up, hilarious, and she can fly?!  She isn’t you typical superhero, so if that isn’t your thing you should give this a try.

Lush Bath Bombs

Thanks to my beautiful cousin (hi G) I was introduced to Lush this past summer.  They have a large line of different ‘pampering’ products made from all natural resources.  All of the products that I have tried at Lush work great and smell amazing.  Their bath bombs are (usually) shaped into pretty large balls that ‘explode’ in your warm bath water and fill it with great oils, scents and sometimes they even fizz!  The last bomb I had was called ‘sex bomb’ and it had real flower petals in it and turned my bath water bright pink!  Their bath bomb line extends from relaxing, to refreshing, to even things to get you in the Holiday Spirit.  You can order them online, or find a store near you and go smell all the great products!  Click here for their website.

Naked Juice

I am currently out at my house and feel so empty!  Naked Juice has the name ‘naked’ for a reason.  These juices are ridden from preservatives and any unnatural sweetener.  My favorite flavor is the Green Machine.  It is so many good things in it that when I finish a glass, I actually feel better!  That’s when you know something is good for you, when you immediately feel it working and energizing you.



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