How to: Make a Small Space Feel Large

Whether its a baby room, a bathroom, or a living room, you may find yourself faced with the challenge of designing and feeling comfortable in a small room.  Here are some tips to make the space feel bigger, and also livable!



Paint can completely change a room and how it feels.  The idea here is to draw the eye UP when trying to make a space feel larger.  This can by done with paint!


Paint a color 3/4 of the way up the wall.  Shown like above, this helps draw the eye up and also make the ceiling look taller!


Painting the ceiling while keeping the walls neutral also help catch your eye and give the room height.



While dark colors make you feel warm and cozy, they also will soak in light and hold onto it.  This can make the space feel smaller.  Light colors reflect light making the space feel bigger. You definitely can use color when  trying to make a space feel larger, just use lighter shades of your color selections!



Making your small room not feel ‘cluttered’ is key.  What is the easiest way to make a room feel chaotic?  A lot of little pieces.  Instead, try using only a few large pieces.  That sounds scary for some people..putting a large piece in a small room, but it actually works great! This can be from a large statement couch and then offsetting it with a very simple structured chair, to using one large vase instead of a bunch of small decorations.  Also, filling a small space from wall to wall with a sectional (like pictured above) not only makes the space feel larger, but it also us all functional! No ‘dead spots.’


Another way add a large piece to a small room (without even taking any square footage) is wall art!  Putting a very large and dramatic piece of work on your wall helps create the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is.  And on a super professional note, it looks super awesome.


No I am not saying you should completely cover your room in stripes.  Unless you are a fun house at a fair, you do not want to do that.  BUT stripes are really great at catching your eye and pulling it in whatever direction you say!  If you are looking to make your walls feel taller, paint vertical stripes on the wall.  Have a short wall?  Horizontal stripes.  Also a large horizontal rug makes the space feel bigger as well!


A lot falls under this category.  Structure can be the lines of a piece of furniture, to the way  you organize a bookshelf.  Small spaces need structure in order to feel ‘clean’ and not cluttered.  Also, showing the structure of a piece helps it to feel more airy and not heavy, for example having a couch show it’s beautiful legs.


Using glass or ‘clear’ pieces in a small room bring functionality to the space without it feeling ‘clunky’ or heavy….because you can see right through them!  If you have a detailed rug, you’ll want a glass coffee table.  Lucite pieces not only look super sexy but they keep it light.

Mirrors also create another dimension when you add them to your space.  They give the appearance of another room or an extended room.  Plus, it gives you more opportunities to check out how good you look!  Damn, that’s a good haircut.  Any size mirror works great, but one that sits on the floor and is very large that reflects your beautiful room is like a piece of work in itself!


Window treatments look great and don’t take up that much floor space, but they do create a heavy atmosphere to the space.  When you have a very large room that is great!  You want it to feel warm and cozy, but in a very small space, window treatments can get too heavy very easily.  Skipping them all-together brightens up the space and keeps it light!  If you don’t want to expose yourself while keeping your windows exposed, try putting a simple roman shade on them!

Do you have any tips on how to make a small space seem larger?  

Leave it in the comments below!


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