About The Trend Traveler

Hi everyone!  My name is Katherine, Katie or Kate.  Whatever you feel like using!  I recently graduated with a degree of Interior Design.  I love laughing, traveling and talking…a lot.  I mean I really enjoy talking.  Usually it comes out at a loud volume too.

I live in Southeastern Wisconsin.  The summers are beautiful and the winters are pretty (but only when you are in a warm house looking out the window.)  For as long as I can remember my family has been traveling to travel to different locations and I fell in love with exploring new places.  Whether it be just to a new city or to a different country.  The thing that I love about travel is the enriching experience that comes along with it.  Exploring a new place that is unfamiliar and being thrown into uncomfortable situations is what life is all about!  So anywhere that I go I try to explore the differences in design and fashion.  I might look like a tourist, but that’s okay!

I did not always know that I wanted to major in Interior Design.  In fact, it took two years of college to even try a design class.  I actually joined the design program with thoughts of becoming a Wedding Planner.  But after a few weeks of attending the classes I was quick to fall in love with the art of design. It all kind of makes sense when I think back to things that happened in my childhood that relate to design.  I was always rearranging my room and finding better ways to share the space with my sister.  Whenever I would play Sims on the computer, my main goal was making a beautiful house.  And when I was about 13, my dad told me that I should become an Architect someday…but I am pretty sure that was just because I am bossy.

When people say there is a lot to Interior Design, they aren’t joking around.  It is more than I ever imagined it could be, and I love it.

This blog is dedicated to those three things and a mix of everything in-between.   I want my posts to be like you are talking to your best friend about a recent trip she just went on.  Less structure more fun!


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